Watching Club Meetings from home


Since early 2020, we have been able to broadcast live video from our clubrooms in Nunawading.
At the time we had no idea we would shortly have to both:
  • Run meetings with very reduced numbers present in the clubrooms, or
  • Run some meetings entirely online when Melbourne was under a lockdown.

Watching meetings live using Zoom software

It doesn't matter if we are using the clubrooms, or entirely online. You can watch (and participate in) the meeting from home.
This uses "Zoom" software on your PC / Pad / Phone, which you can download from the Zoom website
Each month, the day before the meeting we send an email to all members, which contains a "Meeting ID" and "Passcode" to connect to that month's meeting.
More information about how to install and use Zoom is available at:

Watching meetings later

Each meeting is recorded so it can be watched later.
The recordings are accessed via a private Facebook group. This allows us to control who has access to them.

Log in to FaceBook, then browse to
Click on the blue “Join group” button (outlined in red here).
Then, type your surname and membership number into the text box, then click Submit.

This facility does require you to have a FaceBook account. All you need is an email address to create one.
You will be prompted to create one when you browse to the FaceBook website.