Club Permit Scheme Applications and Renewals


(You can read more about the Club Permit Scheme on the VicRoads website here. )


The following documents need to be sent to the club PO Box, or brought along to a club meeting for processing:-
(Right-click each link to download the file directly to your PC)
(Download links updated to new forms on 4-Apr-2022)

  1. Completed and signed Club Permit application form
  2. Completed and signed Vehicle Eligibility and Standards declaration form
  3. A photocopy of your current Road Worthy Certificate
  4. Payment of establishment and processing fee (Please don’t send cash in the mail!) - 
    1. cheque or money order for $20.00 made payable to MG Car Club Victoria, or
    2. Direct Deposit to:
      [Name=MGCC Victoria] [BSB=083-419] [ACC=517764011] [Ref=CPS your name]
  5. Six electronically dated colour photos as described below
  6. A self-addressed stamped envelope to return the paperwork to you

Photo requirements

  1. Six DATED colour photos are required with all new applications
  2. Photos are to be supplied in hard copy. Images as follows;
    1. Front
    2. Drivers side
    3. Rear
    4. Driving position (side-on with driver’s door open)
    5. and where possible, any identifiers  - Chassis number
    6. Engine number

The Club is required to maintain a register of all vehicles & Photos and to provide same to VicRoads within 7 days of receipt of a written request from VicRoads.

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure you have received your permit renewal from VicRoads on or before the due date.
  2. If your renewal has not been received by the due date, you must contact VicRoads ASAP to follow-up.
  3.  VicRoads have advised that the vehicle owner has 90 days after the date of expiry to renew the permit.
    After the 90 days expires the permit shall be cancelled by VicRoads.
    To renew the now expired permit after the 90 days shall require a new permit application to be completed along with all normal items applicable to a new permit application.
  4. Where VicRoads have not been paid by Permit due date, the car should not be used after the expiry date until paid.
  5. Forward renewals to the club as soon as you receive them. To sit on and nest them creates delays for yourself and the consequences that may occur if time exceeds the 90 day time limit. 
    We do what we can, but we are not available 24 / 7 for signatures, help us to help you.


Club endorsement by email
  1. Download the Club Permit Endorsement form from VicRoads.
  2. Complete your details and the vehicle details.
  3. Email the completed form to
  4. We will endorse the completed form and email it back to you.
Club endorsement by post
  1. Post the signed PERMIT RENEWAL FORM to the club post office box. (Do NOT separate the document)
  2. MUST have self-stamped addressed envelope enclosed so the forms can be returned to you to make payment to VicRoads.
For your information, generally the Club PO Box is cleared twice a week.


Pay VicRoads online (Full details are here).
Requires a scanner or smartphone, and a myVicroads account)
  1. Follow the instructions on the VicRoads website to pay online. This will require you to upload the endorsed form, and your renewal form (after you have signed it). This requires a scanner or a smart phone.
  2. Wait for VicRoads to email back your confirmation of payment (may take a couple of days).
    This must be printed and kept with your logbook.
Pay VicRoads by posts
  1. Once your form has been endorsed by the club and returned to you, post it to VicRoads with a cheque or money order for the required amount.
  2. Wait for VicRoads to receive your letter, process your payment, and mail back the portion to stick into your log book.

It is essential that any MGCC member with Club Permit Plated Cars must advise the club in writing within 7 days of the car being sold, along with the date that the Club Plates were returned to VicRoads.

PO Box 273
Nunawading  3131
Always address correspondence to the PO Box, do NOT address it to the clubrooms.

We have also received the following documents from Vicroads:

Description Download

Letter advising of changes to the Club Permit Scheme

Vicroads letter (scanned) [PDF 584 kB]

New modification guidelines specified in the Guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s Club Permit.

Vehicle Standards Information No. 33 (VSI33) [PDF 296 kB]

For your reference only. This is the agreement between our club and VicRoads.

Club Permit Agreement [PDF 78 kB]

This form must be completed by the Club Safety Officer/Scrutineer authorised by the club, and attached to a Club permit application form.

Vehicle eligibility and Standards declaration form [PDF 181 kB]

This is the checklist to be filled out by the Club Safety Officer while inspecting a vehicle prior to signing the Vehicle eligibility and Standards declaration.

Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist [PDF 547 kB]